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4 Reasons to Go for Weekly House Cleaning over a Monthly One

Cleaning is essential for a safe and happy home life, but it takes too much time. Understandably, many people will opt for hiring professional house cleaners. However, you can consider a recurring cleaning arrangement if you want to spend less.

You can usually do recurring cleaning weekly or monthly. So, how do you decide how often you will have your home cleaned? Here are reasons why a weekly household cleaning arrangement may be better than a monthly one.

1. You Get a Fresh Start Every Single Week

If you have a weekly house cleaning arrangement, you will have a fresh start every week. This means that your home is always tidy and clean. It also means you have time to de-clutter, which is important for a calm and happy home.

A monthly clean-up might be good for a few things, but it can be overwhelming because it will be too big of a job to do every month. You must move many of your belongings so the cleaning crew can clean under and behind them. You also have to move some of your belongings because they might be in the way.

2. You Allow Yourself Moments of Self-Care

Ideally, you should have a clean home to relax and enjoy your home. But, this means dedicating the entire weekend to cleaning your home instead of focusing on yourself. And when you’re done cleaning, you find yourself too tired to do anything else. Next thing you know, the weekend’s gone, and you’re off to work again. 

By leaving the weekly cleaning to a house cleaning service, you allow yourself moments of self-care. You can sleep in, go to the salon, invite friends over and relax when you want to.

3. You Can Maintain Your Home Easier

When your home is cleaned weekly, you can maintain it easier because you will have to clean less. This is especially true if you clean up after every meal and do a weekly deep clean. You will also need to clean less when your house cleaning service does a good job. 

4. You Can Keep Your Home Safe

Regular cleaning is important to keep your home safe and secure. If the house is cleaned thoroughly and frequently, you can keep your home safe from harmful germs and bacteria.

This can help protect you and your family from getting sick. It will also help keep your home in good condition. You can feel relaxed knowing that you are in a clean and safe home and know that you will be too.

Final Thoughts

In the end, you have to decide what works best for you. However, if you want to spend less money, spend less time cleaning on your own, and spend more time with your family, then consider signing a weekly recurring cleaning arrangement.

If you need recurring home cleaning services in Seattle, Phoenix, and Austin, don’t hesitate to call us at Inside Out Cleaning. We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly services, so you can decide the frequency you need to keep your home at its best state. Give us a call today to learn more about our recurring services.