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Preparing Your Home for a Cleaning Service: Tips and Tricks

Those looking to simplify their lives should consider hiring a professional house cleaning agency. 

However, you must first understand your part to get the most out of a professional home cleaning service. If you do not take the necessary measures before the arrival of the cleaners, they will be unable to clean the nooks and crannies.

Here’s what you should do before they arrive:

1. Remove the Clutter

Many of us are guilty of leaving dirty clothes on the floor, delaying making the bed, and forgetting to place our shoes in the closet because we rush to get to work or drop the kids off at school. Before you realize it, the house is overrun with clutter, including previously read newspapers and unopened mail. There are several items that, if addressed, will prevent your home from appearing cluttered.

While cleaners can help declutter before wiping filthy surfaces and removing stains from carpets, we recommend that you clear out different areas of your home before a cleaning session. Cleaners can spend more time cleaning and less time organizing your living space.

2. Organize Counters

You want the cleaner to figure out where your kitchen and restroom counter items are. Make a spot for everything and return it to its appropriate place before the cleaning lady (or guy) arrives.

Before your professional cleaner comes, please do your best to remove loose items from any surface you want cleaned. House cleaners are rarely asked to tidy up and arrange your personal belongings. If they can’t readily reach a character, they might skip cleaning that area of your home.

Even toothbrush holders and other decorative items commonly found on counters should be removed so the cleaner can thoroughly clean them.

3. Keep Personal Possessions

You are the only individual qualified to handle personal belongings and important mementos. This is true for items other than cash, passports, and jewels. Important things include priceless trinkets, books, and artifacts. Check to see if you have removed or stored expensive equipment and important papers that would be disastrous to lose.

Before the cleaning service, scour the house for any valuables you don’t want to lose. Remove them from areas where they may recline, such as the dining table. This allows the cleaning service to avoid placing the object in an inconvenient location.

4. Control Expectations

A cleaning agency cannot be expected to provide child care, recycle, wash outside windows, or move furniture. Although cleaners can handle large cleaning jobs, you should anticipate paying more for these services because they are not included in a standard cleaning.

5. Keep Pets Safe

This will differ from one home to the next. If your pets get along well with the cleaning crew, you may not need to cage or remove them from the house. If you are concerned, keep your dogs away from the cleaning crew, especially if it is their first home visit.


Overall, ensuring that you have completed all of these essential tasks before the arrival of the house cleaners is critical to providing efficient and high-quality house cleaning. As inconvenient as moving furniture and organizing things can be, you can see that it is worthwhile. Hopefully, this piece has given you a better idea of how best to prepare your home for the arrival of house cleaners.  

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