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A Brief Checklist to Prepare Your Home for a Cleaning Service

Hiring a cleaning service is a great means to keep your home clean and organized, giving you more time to settle on other important aspects of your life. However, it’s essential to prepare your home adequately to ensure the cleaning process is smooth and efficient. 

In this blog, we will present you with a brief checklist to prepare your home for a cleaning service, consisting of some steps to follow.

1. Declutter Your Home

Before the cleaning service arrives, it’s essential to declutter your home. This means putting away any items that are lying around, such as clothes, toys, and dishes. 

Having a clutter-free space will allow the cleaning professionals to focus on cleaning rather than spending their time organizing and picking up items. Additionally, decluttering your home minimizes the risk of any valuable or fragile items being misplaced or damaged during the cleaning process.

2. Secure Valuables and Fragile Items

If you have any essential or fragile items, it’s essential to keep them in a safe place before the cleaning service arrives. This could include jewelry, important documents, or delicate ornaments.

By securing these items, you can ensure they are not accidentally damaged or misplaced during the cleaning process. Additionally, it will give you peace of mind knowing that your valuables are safe and accounted for.

3. Provide Clear Instructions and Priorities

To ensure the cleaning service meets your expectations, it’s crucial to provide them with clear instructions and priorities. This could include specifying which rooms or areas you would like them to focus on or detailing any specific cleaning tasks you would like them to perform. 

Providing clear instructions will help the cleaning professionals understand your expectations and allow them to allocate their time efficiently.

4. Make Sure All Appliances Are Empty and Ready for Cleaning

Before the cleaning service arrives, it’s essential to ensure that all appliances are empty and ready for cleaning. This includes emptying the dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer. 

Additionally, if you would like the cleaning service to clean your refrigerator or oven, make sure to remove any leftover food or debris. By preparing your appliances in advance, you can ensure the cleaning process is more efficient and thorough.

5. Gather Cleaning Supplies

While most cleaning services bring their own cleaning supplies, it’s always a wonderful idea to have your own on hand in case they run out or don’t have a specific product you prefer. Make sure to gather cleaning supplies such as multi-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, sponges, and microfiber cloths. 

If you have any specific preferences for eco-friendly or allergy-friendly cleaning products, make sure to have them available for the cleaning service to use.

6. Ensure Your Home Is Accessible

Before the cleaning service arrives, make sure your home is accessible. This means unlocking any doors, providing keys or access codes, and ensuring there is a clear path for the cleaning professionals to enter your home. 

Additionally, if you have any pets, make sure they are secured in a separate room or area to ensure the safety of both the pet and the cleaning professionals.

7. Remove Any Personal Items from the Bathroom

To ensure the cleaning service can clean your bathroom thoroughly, it’s essential to remove any personal items such as toothbrushes, razors, or makeup products. This will allow the cleaning professionals to sanitize and clean all surfaces without having to work around or move your personal items. 

Additionally, this will minimize the risk of any personal items being misplaced or damaged during the cleaning process.

8. Communicate Any Specific Needs or Concerns

Finally, it’s crucial to communicate any specific needs or apprehensions you may have with the cleaning service before they arrive. This could include informing them of any allergies or sensitivities you or your household members may have or discussing any specific cleaning techniques or products you would like them to use. 

By addressing these concerns in advance, you can ensure the cleaning process is tailored to your needs and preferences.


By following this brief checklist, you can ensure your home is adequately prepared for the cleaning service, allowing them to work efficiently and effectively. Communicating any specific needs or concerns with the cleaning service will help ensure your expectations are met and your home is cleaned to your satisfaction.

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