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10 Tips to Organize Cleaning Services for Senior Loved Ones

As the population of senior citizens in the United States continues to increase, so will the demand for services catering to their needs. 

Being a responsible relative means looking out for your elderly relatives’ well-being, including keeping their homes tidy and organized to prevent allergies and heightened anxiety. 

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to keep a spotless property, especially because you have other responsibilities. For this reason, it’s always wise to enlist the help of professional house cleaning services. 

This article will enumerate ten tips to help you find the best cleaning services for your elderly relatives.

1. Understand Their Needs

Before hiring a cleaning company for your elderly relatives, you must have a family discussion to learn about their needs. Determine the chores they need help with, such as light housekeeping, deep cleaning, medical cleaning, general household maintenance, and move-in/move-out help. Compile the tasks you need to complete, review the house’s condition, and identify areas that need special attention. 

2. Ask for Multiple Referrals

Ask your coworkers, friends, and relatives for elderly or senior domestic cleaning services. You can also search online for companies that offer these services. 

3. Check Online Reviews

Once you’ve gathered your referrals, you should research each cleaning company to find a reputable one. Check their Better Business Bureau (BBB), Google My Business, and Yelp listings for reviews. Scratch them off your list if you see any significant complaints. 

4. Check Their Credentials

You should carefully check if each cleaning company has the right qualifications and certifications. Examine if they have the proper insurance coverage if you encounter significant setbacks like destruction, collision, or burglary. That way, they’ll pay for the damages, and you won’t pay for these issues with your money. 

5. Research Their Experience

When researching potential cleaning services, you should check how long each has been in business and their Better Business Bureau rating. Choose one that has been around for a while and has a clean and proven track record. This step will ensure that their methods will be well-honed and reliable. You should also avoid companies that go on a fly-by-night operation. 

6. Background-Check the Staff

You should ask the company if they conduct background checks on their employees. A reputable business will do this to ensure no one with a criminal record will be entering your loved one’s home. That way, you can know that your family member’s valuables and heirlooms will remain safe. 

You should also inquire about the team’s training when looking for a cleaning service. Ensure the cleaners know which cleaning products work best for each surface. Moreover, ask what procedures they use when cleaning to ensure they follow the best practices. That way, you’ll know they can do the job correctly. 

7. Review the Services Offered

Besides their reputation and experience, you should also check what services they offer. Ensure they offer services specifically tailored to senior citizens. Determine what safety measures they have to guarantee a clean and safe home environment for your elderly family member. This step is especially true if they have allergies. 

8. Consider the Pricing 

Compare their services and costs to get the best value. Ensure they include their services in their quoted price. Avoid the cheapest option and choose the price that best suits your needs.

9. Ask for a Trial Run

Schedule a trial run with the listed company, ask your loved one about their experience, and ensure they’re satisfied with the results. Otherwise, find another one. 

10. Look for a Guarantee

Ask the companies if they offer a guarantee and what will happen if your elderly loved ones are unsatisfied. Ensure they return to do a more thorough job.


A clean home is essential to ensuring your elderly relative’s well-being. Enlisting the help of reputable house cleaning services can give you well-deserved peace of mind. 

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