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Arizona Living 101: How to Keep Your Windows from Being Filthy

Living in Arizona, you may notice that your once pristine glass windows have a way of becoming filthy 90% of the time. Perhaps you have reached a point wherein cleaning them becomes pointless because they could be dirty again within the day. As such, you have come to the right place. 

Read on as we discuss how to keep your windows from being filthy and everything you can get from professional window cleaning services.

Avoid Ignoring Your Home’s Exterior

Today, many people hire a maid or cleaning service to clean their homes. However, windows are rarely cleaned by maid services. Thus, it is frequently missed. 

Professional window cleaners have tools that housekeeping services do not. You can also trust that they are licensed, insured, and professionally trained.

Avoid Cleaning Windows First

Windows, contrary to popular belief, should be cleaned last. In addition to cleaning windows, you can landscape, power-wash, and paint. All of the dirt and debris that was blown around will be placed on your windows when you clean them.

If other activities are taking place while your windows are being cleaned, request that they be stopped or done far away.

Arizona receives minimal rain. This is why dust, filth, and other particles accumulate on your windows. Many people look forward to having clean windows before it rains. However, unclean watermarks are usually left behind.

Do Not Ignore Water Spots and Stains

Keep an eye out for hard water stains. Many surfaces, especially classrooms, are difficult to remove hard water stains from. Window washers in Arizona have the proper tools to remove them. Our window washers can remove mineral deposits and stains.

What You Can Get from Hiring Professional Window Cleaners

Many homeowners ignore their external windows because they believe they will just accumulate dirty again. With that being said, hiring professional window cleaners in Arizona may easily fix your problem of filthy windows. Such regular services can keep windows clean and touchable for six months.

Here’s what you can get from hiring professional windows cleaners:

1. Clear and Dust-Free Screens

Outdoor window screens are rarely cleaned. They are unpleasant to clean and may prove difficult if you are not careful. Many outdoor cleaning firms clean windows, but they employ more effective methods than water and a towel. When the weather is cooler and the windows are open, all of the air in the room flows through them. Allergy problems are reduced when screens are clean.

2. Proper Chemicals and Equipment

Window washing equipment can be both awkward and costly. Buying buckets, squeegees, cleaner, towels, and other window-cleaning supplies will cost more than hiring a professional window cleaner.

Companies frequently use incorrect chemicals and equipment, resulting in window damage. Meanwhile, professional window cleaners use only high-quality or organic cleansers and equipment to ensure the protection of your glass windows.

Remember, only professionals know how to work with coated, fragile glass. They also know how to handle your window frames, caulk, and paint.


Windows are essential in every home. However, they could either make or break your home life quality, especially in Arizona where dust is prevalent. Thus, you must now consider investing in regular professional window cleaning services. In any case, you could also work with a team that can offer you affordable bundles of regular cleaning and excellent service!

Are you in need of premium cleaning services in Arizona? Inside Out Cleaning is a team of professionals who can ensure that your home is beautiful, safe, and clean. Give us a call today to schedule your next cleaning appointment!