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Discover How Experts Conduct Apartment Cleaning in Austin

Do you want apartment cleaning done as the experts do? Well, you’re in the right article today, dear reader. Discover industry secrets by scrolling down through these four interesting tips!

It Starts with the Inspection

Before apartment cleaning even begins, experts case the scene. On the customer’s end, you’ll need to fill out a form asking how many bedrooms the apartment has, what surfaces you want to be cleaned, and how often you want the service. It will also ask about the size of your apartment, so they know what to expect.

After filling out your information, a maid service will call to schedule an inspection of your home. This may happen one or two days before your cleaning service, but they may inspect your apartment even before the formalities if there is significantly more work.

It Continues Methodically

Since they’ve already done an ocular inspection, professional apartment cleaning services inherently know where to start working. They’re precise and attentive, going through each area according to priority. Ideally, the most high-traffic or high-touch areas are sanitized first since they harbor the most bacteria and germs—your bathroom, kitchen, living room, or foyer. From there, they’ll clean each bedroom.

You need not be concerned about damage because they’ll use material-appropriate solutions to lift stains from certain surfaces!

It Involves the Right Tools

Apartment cleaning can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially when you need to clean several rooms simultaneously. Cleaning supplies are always scattered throughout the apartment, so putting them back where they belong can be challenging. We recommend hiring professionals for cleaning services because they use a caddy to hold all of their supplies, and it helps them move around the apartment more efficiently.

The caddies are for holding both cleaning supplies and cleaning tools like scrub brushes, mops, vacuums, brooms, and rags, all of which are necessary tools for the job. They may also use special tools and solutions when encountering pesky bathroom or kitchen stains.

The professionals clean with microfiber cloths because they are more effective at removing stains. Apartment cleaning pros use liquid soap or vinegar when removing stains from windows, kitchen walls, and other areas.

The best benefit of hiring professional apartment cleaning services is that you don’t have to worry about providing cleaning supplies or equipment. Conversely, you must invest in cleaning equipment if you plan to clean up yourself, and maintenance can be frustrating. Professional apartment cleaning crews arrive equipped with everything they need to get the job done. They bring everything with them when they leave, so you don’t have to worry about storing cleaning items when they aren’t in use.

It’s a Team Effort

No matter your home’s size, thorough apartment cleaning requires proper teamwork. Thus, the cleaners divide the areas of the apartment and work together to clean it thoroughly. For example, the cleaners divide their tasks so that when one person is vacuuming a room, another person can dust or wipe down surfaces. Additionally, they use building checklists to ensure that no areas are missed when they clean.


The difference between regular and expert apartment cleaning lies in the process. Professionals equip themselves with prior knowledge and the tools to tackle tough stains and eliminate bacteria. They are also familiar with which solution is effective on a particular surface to prevent damage and maximize sanitation. 

Expert apartment cleaning is the way to go, so don’t go it alone. Contact a trusted provider now, like Inside Out Cleaning! We do premium apartment cleaning in Austin and surrounding areas. Book your first session with us today!