COVID-19 Policy

Prepare, Respond and Recover

The last couple months have been challenging for everyone with the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Our lives have been completely changed and we are trying to adjust to the new normal. As a professional cleaning company and an essential business as part of the ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) and the GBAC (Global Biorisk Advisory Council), we are proud to be a part of the solution as we can help prevent the spread of the virus inside your home while also having the safety and health of our team members and customers as our number one priority.

Here are some of the changes we’ve made

  • Our team members are now sanitizing high touched areas throughout your home FREE OF CHARGE such as handrails, door knobs/handles, light switches, keyboard, mouse, remotes, power outlets, among other areas

  • They are taking extra hygiene steps as they come in a leave your home. Constantly washing their hands and using hand sanitizer right before entering your home.

  • We are constantly checking with our team members to make sure they are 100% healthy to come to work and at any sign of sickness they are to stay home

  • Our cleaning staff will be practicing social distance while cleaning your home by maintaining a 6-foot distancing

  • Our team is wearing the proper protective gear such as gloves and masks to avoid the spread of the virus

  • We are disinfecting our equipment as we move from one house to another

  • We continue to use 100% microfiber cloths to clean your home, which study have shown to remove 98% of bacteria and virus as well without the need of rash chemicals

  • We use certified HEPA filter vacuums which also improves indoor air quality by removing most allergens

  • If requested, we can also use our customer’s own products, as well as mops and vacuums, by approval

What we need from you

  • Please let us know as soon as possible if you or anyone in your household has a fever, a cough, a cold or any or is showing any other symptoms that could be contagious or has been in contact with anyone that has been sick

  • Patience during these tough times while as we may need to reschedule your cleaning due to staff shortage

  • If you are home while our team members are cleaning, we ask that you please maintain a 6-foot distance

As a small business we appreciate your support and trust and we are confident that together we can help prevent the spread of this virus.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.