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5 Cleaning Mistakes That Could Be Making Your House Filthier

Many people enjoy brewing a fresh café au lait and straightening up their apartments on a Sunday morning after sleeping late, waking up, and having breakfast. They usually complete everything on their weekly cleaning list, but they are unaware that some of the methods they use to clean actually make their belongings dirtier.

Next time, tidy up to prevent typical cleaning blunders and instead use these modifications.

Using Dirty Cleaning Tools

The quality of your cleaning materials determines the effectiveness of your cleaning routine. Before you begin, make sure your cleaning equipment is in good working order to avoid spreading bacteria, grime, and dust around the house. Cleaning cloths, scrub brushes, and mop heads should be washed often, and germy objects, such as toilet brushes, should be sanitized after each use. For maximum performance, empty your vacuum as soon as it becomes full and change or wash the filter regularly.

Using a Feather Duster

A feather duster can make your surfaces look good, but by using one, you’re making them dirtier. If you have a hard floor, this type of duster can make tiny particles of dust spread and scatter. In addition, the tiny feathers can get stuck in the fibers and are very difficult to remove.

A feather duster can also have the opposite effect on upholstered furniture. No matter how often you clean it, the dust will keep returning and sticking to the feathers. The only way to remove it is to shake the duster outside or vacuum it.

Using the Wrong Soap

When it comes to using the right cleaning product, many people skip the soap and just clean their homes with a bit of water and vinegar. Even when they use them to clean, they don’t always use an appropriate soap for the surface.

Some housekeepers use plain dishwashing liquid in their bathrooms because it’s easy to find and it’s cheap. However, dishwashing liquid contains heavy oils that can leave a greasy film on the tiles, leaving them slippery and dangerous. It’s not the best choice to clean the bathroom.

Mixing the Wrong Cleaning Products

Many people mix their own cleaners because they think industrial products are too strong. However, if you mix your own, you could end up with a caustic solution that’s harmful to your hands and eyes. It can also damage your furniture and floors. Rather than making your own products, look for cleaning solutions specially designed for the purpose.

Removing Stains By Rubbing

Spills and splatters often entail immediate action to avoid set-in stains, but you’re likely exacerbating the problem if your first instinct is to begin scrubbing. Rubbing a stain may cause it to spread, press deeper into the fabric, or even harm the upholstery fibers. Blot stains using a clean white cloth to remove any residue before using a stain removal solution suited for the material.

Bottom Line

Most people consider cleaning a relaxing activity, but some are pretty sloppy about how they do it. Fortunately, you can avoid common cleaning mistakes by following a few simple steps, like using the right cleaning tools and ingredients and checking your work.

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